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Owner Dave Steptoe: MSU Turf Management Graduate, Certified Applicator, Master Gardner

Lawn Maintenance Services:

Lawn Trimming and Lawn Care
Lawns are mowed once a week from middle of the spring to late fall.   A good slow release fertilizer and effective tearing program can help manage growth and create a healthy lawn.
Fertilization Program
Is specially formulated for expert results. It will promote greening and thick, wholesome top growth even though encouraging development of the deep root method that is the foundation of any beautiful lawn. The actual broadleaf weed control merchandise we use is the very best money can buy and will kill most weeds, including Clover and Sneaking Charlie, within days.
Thatch is the build up of grass crops and roots in which gather just previously mentioned the soil. In our expert opinion, thatching is a vital and often part in lawn maintenance. It is almost always caused by poor watering habits and not simply by grass clippings. The particular thatch can prevent the cuttings from decomposing properly. Energy raking is usually required when thatch is more than 1/2 inch thick. This particular service must be done just before any pre-emergent herbicide is utilized in the spring or afterwards in the Fall season.
Breaks or cracks up compacted earth, allows water along with vital nutrients to achieve the grass root base, controls harmful thatch as well as stimulates deep main growth. Most grass species benefit from annual air diffusion — that is, getting more air directly to the roots. Heavily used turf, or those expanding on heavy clay surfaces may need more than a single aeration each year in order to remain healthy. Most lawn maintenance companies recommend having your yard aerated once per year, and we tend to agree!
Insecticide and Fungicide
Every season brings its own issues, be it heat, drought, excessive rain and pesky insects. Depending on the situation, your lawn maintenance may require the use of insecticides or fungicides. The most common problems are actually fungus diseases including Summer Patch as well as Pithium along with grubs and other pesky insects. The main problem with these illnesses is that people frequently don’t know they have a challenge with their lawns before disease has distributed. Insecticides and other chemical compounds do a great job stopping problems, but they’re not too strong on alleviating lawn problems in the quick manner. This is why any changes in the yard are checked closely. Problems will likely be brought to your attention and a solution suggested.
Ornamental Herbicide
This treatment helps prevent unwanted weeds from growing inside your mulch and rock beds. This is a lawn maintenance preventative measure to keep weeds under control. The pre-emergent herbicide demands only 2 programs, one in April then one in July, to aid control weeds almost all season long.